Accloud offers a complete solution to empower small businesses to grow by addressing the multiple challenges they face, through enabling easy access to markets and services.

Accloud’s comprehensive suite of multilingual business tools allow micro-SMEs to fully digitise their businesses, from accounting and tax compliance to fulfilment and customer service.

In addition, Accloud’s complete ecosystem encompassing business tools, finance, logistics, fulfilment, aggregation and payments enables micro-SMEs to transform their growth. By opening up direct trade opportunities micro-SMEs are able to both access and fulfil new markets as well as pool resources to bypass intermediaries.

Some of the benefits of Accloud’s platform are lowered costs, lightweight application and the ability to use on a mobile device.

Business Management Tools


Configurable workflows to easily define business processes


Integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules


Allows for mobile inventory management


Improve operational efficiencies, lower costs and reduce human errors


Build quantities of products from bill of materials that linked to finished products


Information about all your trading partners, suppliers, customers and contractors


360° views of all creditors, with integrated payment system


360° view of debtor receivables


Advanced general ledger and cash book systems


See account balances, order/delivery status and make payments

Tax Compliance

Tax management, calculation and payment

Material Planning

Organise, schedule and reschedule materials